Pirates! - A Sea of Fallen Stars Campaign

The Secret Reef

The heroes defeat the evil morkoth and harvest enough deepjet crystals to bring back to Steiner, who is surprised to see that they have succeeded, albeit barely. They shell out an extra 150 gold to Steiner, who is excited to use it to build them a harpoon cannon mounted on top of the submersible apparatus. The group ventures back to Dorgan’s to discuss their new destination.

They plan to travel to the location that Molly has marked on the undersea topographical map. It turns out to be the same location as the Fang Rocks- an area where no ships can go due to the sharp rocks jutting out from underwater. But now that Dandy and her crew have a submersible, they can sail nearby the rocks and dive down to explore the reef. They instruct Maheem to take the helm of the submersible, and take the Submarine down to the reef in order to return Molly to her family.

While trying to navigate the winding tunnels of coral, Ominous senses something wrong. A rock trap blocks the party’s path, which they will have to venture out of the submersible to clear out, while drinking potions of underwater breathing. But Ominous senses that this was caused by creatures that wish to disturb nature. Dandy, distracted by the beauty of the coral reef, is the last to see the Sahuagin ambush.

The Sahuagin swim through the rocks wielding spears and bringing a giant hammerhead shark into the battle. Karma grabs the Whalebone harpoon and tries to fight off two of them, while Ominous transforms into a reef shark, a much more comfortable form for underwater combat. Dandy casts a particularly powerful version of her “Shatter” spell, damaging the fiends with a burst of sonic force.

Once Ominous sustains one injury, waves and waves of Sahuagin sense his blood and flock to him, mauling and biting him but not destroying him. Taking too much damage to stay in reef shark form, he reverts back to a dwarf and pushes them back with his Thunderwave spell, leaving Dandy enough time to heal him back and allow him to shift into crocodile form. Nonetheless, more Sahuagin swarm him again and being to tear his flesh. But is there is one thing about Ominous, it is that he can endure punishment. He survives more attacks than anyone else has thusfar in the story and doesn’t fall.

This leaves enough time for Karma to filet their pet shark, and for Dandy to identify their priestess leader and hex her with a crown of madness. A sea elf friend of Molly’s swims into the reef to assist the heroes and protect Molly. She uses her spear and her magic to destroy two of the Sahuagin. Maheem, still inside the submersible, sees an opportunity. He takes control of the brand-new Harpoon cannon that Steiner built, and launches a harpoon straight through the head of the Sahuagin leader and the heroes win the battle.

The sea elf warrior woman introduces herself as Katara, one of the remaining Dukars who populate this reef. She thanks the heroes for bringing back Ravek’s child and leads them and their submersible deeper into the sea elves home reef. There they meet with the tribe’s elder, and Molly’s father, Ravek. Ravek tells them the story of the Sea Elves in Seros.

Many, many cycles ago, the sea elves lived in a fantastic underwater kingdom known as Myth Nantar. They prospered under the protection of the Dukars and the Mythal granted to them by the Elven gods. One day, their beacon was stolen, and their Mythallar destroyed. When the magic barrier protecting their kingdom fell, they began to struggle in their war against the Sahuagin, the shark-people who worship Iakhovas. Worse yet, a powerful Illithid king rose up from the depths of the underdeep to exploit their situation and steal their kingdom from them.

The sea elves were forced to flee far into the reef, and live in a tribal society. They have struggled to survive, forced to survive in hiding from Sahuagins. Several cycles ago, a Dukar warrior named Mishone, along with a few others, set out to defeat the Illithid king and reclaim their homeland, but fell in battle against him. It was hopeless to try and reclaim Myth Nantar lacking a Beacon and a Mythal.

It is then the heroes present themselves as the adventurers they are. They show Ravek the Mythallar they found in the lost city of Netheril, and offer to help restore the underwater kingdom of Myth Nantar. Ravek is more than willing to reward them for all of their heroic deeds by granting them fabulous treasures from the vault underneath his former castle, but until the beacon is back in place, the Mythallar activated, and the evil king destroyed, it is simply not possible to give them much of anything besides hospitality.

The heroes agree on a new goal- to help the Sea Elves reclaim their old kingdom, Myth Nantar. They have Karssus’ Mythallar, and are willing to fight- but they lack a crucial artifact- the beacon of which Ravek speaks. After a thorough description, it turns out that this beacon is indeed the artifact that the heroes found during the very first few days of their adventure. It is the same cube-shaped artifact that maps out magical auras across the Sea of Fallen Stars, the map that they used to find the mythallar. In order to achieve their new goal the heroes will need this beacon.

However, this beacon was stolen from them months ago, by none other than their old nemesis, Captain Vurgrom of the Crimson Corsairs. It turns out that if the heroes want to achieve their new goal of restoring the underwater kingdom, they will first have to take care of some unfinished business with their old nemesis in order to get the beacon back. So they spend some time in the reef befriending the Sea Elves before returning to their ship, where they begin to plan their revenge against the Crimson Brotherhood. With Makar in tow, they know the exact location of the Pirate Stronghold city Immurk’s hold, so after regrouping in Palaggar their next destination is now clear.


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